Lake Denton Camp
Monday, January 20, 2020
Touching Lives Through God's Love


Dive Instructors and Dive Masters:  
For those that may be new to us, you need the following items when you come:
1. Lake Denton Management, Inc. needs to be listed with your insurance company as additionally insured and we need a copy of the insurance certificate with that on it.

2. We need a copy of your PADI or NAUI card on file.

3. You must sign the updated release of liability (which you can download
here) and present it when you dive. If it is a 2 day dive, a form must be filled out for each day.  
4. The fee for diving is $15.00 per diver per day,  paid before you dive. Dive instructors and dive masters accompanying students are not charged. Please clearly mark instructors and masters on the liability form. 
5. Please carpool as much as possible, especially during the summer months when we have camps on the premises. The field used for parking is also the activity field for campers and space will be limited during these times.  

6. Parking is in the field on the east end. Parking on the east end is subject to change due to the camps need for the field during times when camps are in session.  During such times we will direct you to an appropriate alternative parking area.
7. Please do NOT talk to the campers that are at the camp. We want the parents to be as comfortable with your group being on the premises at the same time as possible.
8. Restrooms: if no campers, go ahead and use camp bathrooms.
    Restrooms: if there ARE campers present, contact a camp staff member to assist you in using the facilities so that we can make sure that there are no campers in the restrooms while divers are in there. Thank you for your patience in this matter!!   
     Do NOT change out in the open air, please! Use the changing shed in the diver area or the bathrooms as campers presence permits!

9. Although we will do all we can to keep your cars and equipment safe, we make no guarantees. You park and dive at your own risk. Items left at the camp will be held in lost and found. Please gather all of your belongings before you leave and double check the bathrooms, diver changing area and parking area. Items left in lost and found will be donated to charity.
10. The shower and changing room is available for your use; however you MUST rinse the sand off before showering as much as possible since our drains are not equipped to handle so much sand.
11. You must use a dive flag when diving. We do not have extra supplies to lend out and there are boaters who need to be aware of where you are diving. 
12. No alcohol, smoking or pets are allowed.

Thank you so much for using our facilities! We are looking forward to working with you in the future as we make improvements to the camp and diving areas.